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Tichy Frantisek

Frantisek Tichy

1896 - 1961

One of the most outstanding draughtsmen of our time. The hair thin, razor sharp precision of his outlines, the strict stylistic discipline, his masterly use of light and shade and his fertile imagination were all achieved at the expense of deep personal suffering.
He was a famous Czech painter, drawer, graphic artist, illustrator, and even a stage designer. As a trained lithographer, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts for some six years before giving up his studies. In 1930 he suddenly left Prague and went to France where he stayed for five years. His first separate exhibition was organised in Prague in 1934.
He left Prague in 1930 with the goal of visiting Sao Paulo in Brazil. However, he got stuck in Marseilles, France, because he was unable to get on a ship to South America. That was a stroke of luck because it was in France that he realised he wanted to become a painter. He ended up staying in France for five years - a period which was the height of his career as an artist."


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