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   No 2, 2004                                                                            Past Issues


91. ing. Milan Humplik:
Karol Ondreička - Lost chance.


The publishing house Extempore Panenka & Panenka published an opuslist of exlibris by Karol Ondreicka, an important artist who past away not so long ago. The list was made in connection to the exhibition Homage that was arranged together with the 4th trienale exlibris Bratislava. 
It was a very nice exhibition of a collection of free graphics and bookplates that only will be possible to see in the future exeptionally. It is a pity though that the list (made by dr. I. Panenka) published in a fashionable lay-out and on beautifull paper, shows in the contents major shortcomings. In comparison to the set of 13 reproductions exlibris by K.O. (published by Pallas, Bratislava, 1978) I found out that in the list of Extempore 7 plates are missing, representing about the half work from the years 1969 - 1977 and in minimal 3 other listings are essential mistakes.

 Translation Marcela Groeneveld (www.e-l-g.nl) 

Contens No 2, 2004


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