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   No 2, 2004                                                                            Past Issues


11. ing. Milan Humplik:
Register of personality Czech exlibris, by board of SSPE.


The Board of the associtation would like to publish in a short time from now a set of information about collectors, organisations and publishers. This set will be for the use of temporary and future collectors and people interested in order to acces and obtain basic information about people with the same interest. Every personal note includes basic life data (date and place of birth, work, prospective publishing etc.), information about collecting activity and operating within SSPE, prospective also in similar organisations and references to artist which are close to the collector.
If you are interested to provide this information about yourself and you want to be in the register now under preparation, please send your data before mid September to the address of SSPE or contact directly Ing. Milan Humplik who prepares the register.

 Translation Marcela Groeneveld (www.e-l-g.nl) 

Contens No 2, 2004


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