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   No 3, 2003                                                                            Past Issues


1. PhDr. Zdenek Nemec:
Jiri Brazda.


Jiri BrazdaIf we stroll through the pages of our club magazine from the last years, probably we would find only few issues, where would not be spoken in some way about the work of the outstanding graphic artist and painter Jiri Brazda (* May 9, 1952). We see this particularly in the last period at publication of results of international competition and shows. We discuss sometimes about the organization of these competitions and look for the reasons of little participation of our artists on the international scene. Jiri Brazda knows however the answers on these questions - with his qualitative work he participates and almost always he wins some price. 
He creates exlibris regularly, but it is a smaller part in his portfolio in comparison to other artistical activities. Brazda works with combination of techniques - dry point, etching, mezzotint - and his work is sought for and valued by collectors. He himself considers the creation of exlibris as relative exacting discipline, where he is very often in doubt up till the last moment, whether the results will be according to his imagination and claims. Definitely is not possible to underestimate small graphics only for her small dimension. 
We want for us, collectors, to point out that just creations under the responsibility of Jiri Brazda reflect in the quality of this graphic work. Jiri Brazda created during the time an unchangeable style. His artistical work was in the last 20 years shown in more than 50 collective and theme exhibitions and is present in the collections of museums all over the world, galleries and private Japanese, American and Europe collections. 
Dominant theme of his graphics work and paintings is the woman. We speak about a dynamic fantasy which involves spectators imagination with acceptation of author expression. Characteristic are also some exaggeration and irony. Jiri Brazda is an excellent painter with certainty of dramatic, expressive and temperament expression. The combination of graphic techniques shows soft expression which is often in a contrast with the dynamic of sharp lines. 
Brazda makes his own expressions also on acryl paintings. This material may seem to be not appropriate for the soft modulation of figures, but nevertheless the author reaches the detailed and soft painting.
In the last period we had the possibility to see work of Jiri Brazda in Gallery Koruna in Hradec Kralove, where he exposed together with his wife Jaroslava Brazdova (plastics) and Ivan Baborak. For the spring 2004 he prepares an exhibition in Antwerp. 
Jiri Brazda creates intensively and naturally. Thanks to his special creation infancy and honestly of access we can expect, that he will also in the future enrich our collections with his precise work of small graphics and together with that as one of our few creators that collect success in the demanding confrontation with foreign authors. 

 Translation Marcela Groeneveld (www.e-l-g.nl) 

Contens No 3, 2003


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